Recommended or spot around Shimonoseki Grand Hotel, a little area of recommended to extend the foot to explore the Shimonoseki city, we will introduce.

  • Karato Area

    Karato is a great town for walking. We recommend taking a stroll along the seaside boardwalk. After enjoying the sea breeze, the sound of the waves, and the picturesque scenery, you can explore some of the other town attractions, like Kaneko Misuzu Poetry Lane and the area’s retro-modern architecture.

  • Around Shimonoseki Station Area

    The area around JR Shimonoseki Station is one of the prefecture’s best shopping zones and is dotted with numerous historical sites from the Meiji Restoration as well as Kaikyo Yume Tower, the symbol of Shimonoseki. This area still retains its old appearance as the “gateway of the west,” a crossroads for people and things.

  • Castle town Chofu Area

    The Nihon Shoki records that the government of Nagato Province was located here after the Taika Reforms, and the town became known as Chofu. Chofu prospered during the Edo period as a 50,000-koku castle town under the Chofu Mori clan, and it was the stage for Meiji Restoration revolution in the final days of the shogunate.

  • Little Outing Area