About Accommodations

What are the check-in and check-out times?
Check-in starts at 15:00. Check-out is until 12:00.
Is it okay if I am late checking in?
Yes. If you are going to be later than midnight, please let us know.
Can you store my luggage before check-in or after check-out?
Yes, the reception desk will store it for you.
I tried making a reservation online but there were no rooms available. Is there any other room I could stay in?
Sometimes there are rooms available, so please contact the reservation desk.
Are Internet and Wi-Fi connections available in your rooms?
Internet access is available in all rooms via wired LAN. The front desk can lend you a LAN cable. (Quantities are limited.)
Can I have packages delivered for me from the hotel?
Yes. We have packaging materials available—bags and cardboard boxes; some cost extra.
Would it be possible for me to send my luggage by delivery service ahead of time?
Yes, we can store it for you. If the stay date and sender differ from the guest himself/herself, please note the guest’s name in the “remarks” section of the slip.

About Rstaurants

What are private room rates at the restaurant?
We have no private room fees, but we can accommodate only a limited numbers of guests.
Do you have a restaurant where small children can eat?
Both our hotel restaurants can accommodate small children.
Do your restaurants require a reservation?
You can visit without a reservation, but it’s possible that no tables will be available. We recommend that you make a reservation.
I have an allergy and I’m concerned about meals.
Please let us know of any allergies. We will do everything possible to accommodate them.

About Banquet

I want to have a dinner banquet (event or meeting). How can I apply to do that?
Please contact our sales department. A sales representative can discuss your event with you.
I want to send my dinner banquet supplies in advance. Can you store them for me?
Yes. Please let us know in advance how many packages you are sending and how big they are.
Do you have bus parking?
We do not have special parking for buses.
Can you arrange a taxi or hired car for me?
Yes. Please feel free to ask at any time.
Can I use the Internet at the banquet location? Do you have wireless LAN available?
Yes, you can use our wireless LAN for free. A dedicated wired LAN can be provided for a fee. Please contact our sales department for more details.
Is meal catering available?
Yes. Please contact our sales department for more details.